Monday, November 17, 2014

My All time Favorite Acessory

      My all time favorite accessory is a scarf. I have tons of scarves  and i believe that they can take any outfit to the next level. Even if you are wearing jeans and t-shirt, a scarf can just dress up the outfit and pull everything together. Scarves just take any outfit to the next level and can really complete a look.  Scarves come in thousands of different patterns and designs. They will match with any outfit from dressy to casual. Scarves also work  every style from edgy, girly , preppy , classic and many more. One of my go to outfits is leggings , an oversized sweater and combats boots but adding something as simple as a  scarf can really make the outfit look ten times more put together. I also love  wearing scarves with dresses. In the spring time i love wearing a little black dress and a denim jacket, to top the outfit off i will add a bold scarf to bring some color to the outfit.  Scarves come in so may different styles and fabrics , that they would work with any kind of style In the pictures below i demonstrated how a scarf can pull together a simple outfit of jeans and a t-shirt. This is one of my go to outfits when i am running late but still want to look like i actually tried this morning . I really enjoyed this assignment because I got talk about my fashion inspirations and how they inspired me. Another reason i enjoyed this assignment is because i got to talk about my favorite accessory and how i style it

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